SCD-90 - Brush deburring machine
SCD-90 - Brush deburring machine Bewo deburring machine

SCD-90 - Brush deburring machine

The SCD-90 has been developed to be integrated to all Bewo cutting lines, all  settings can be entered from the central cotrol panel of the cutting line. Therefore all adjustments are also available in automatic setting.

Each tube will be deburred separately, in combination with long brush length  gives an optimal deburring result. For the deburring of square and rectangular profiles special turning mechanism are availabe to turn the products along the brushes. 

Our deburring machine can be expanded with blow cleaning system for the tubes before and/or after deburring and dust extraction. A better quality will be obtained by blowing air through each tube separately. 

To avoid scratches on the product, optional features are available. 

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