Tubes for the ECH-115 Solid
ECH-115 Solid automtic cutting machine Discharge unit with dual digital stop system Servo-controlled feed rollers

ECH-115 Solid

The user-friendly Solid is developed for heavy duty production and internationally recognised for cutting a wide product range of varying diameters and wall thicknesses. Its flexibility in handling diameters from 15 mm until 115 mm is unique. The Solid has very short changeover times, because most adjustments happen automatically.

 The Solid has a servo-controlled roller feed with mechanical stop, and has a saw motor of 9,5 kW, suitable for HSS and TCT blades.

Most important: finished products are of very high quality. A unique six-point diaphragm clamping system ensures optimal clamping for tubes with smaller as well as with greater wall thicknesses and leaves practically no scratches or deformations on the product. Of course we can make many specific adaptations for you.

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