Tubes for DCH-76 Sapphire
DCH-76 Sapphire Pre-positioning of two tubes for an uninterrupted cutting process Discharge unit with various sorting options

DCH-76 Sapphire

The Sapphire is an extremely fast line because of its twin production of tubes within the range from 8 mm up to 76 mm in diameter.  The Sapphire has a servo-controlled tandem roller feed with mechanical stop. The independent control of these feeding rolls, allows the simultaneously cutting of tubes with unequal starting lengths in an uninterrupted cutting process.

The short trim cuts and rest pieces makes the Sapphire very economical with material. Remainders of unequal starting lengths are processed automatically which results in less scrap.

The Sapphire, cuts just like the other Bewo saws upwards, which has the advantage of: less chips contamination, better accessability and safety during

The Sapphire is user-friendly and has short changeover times. On the base of product specifications, the production parameters will be generated automatically.

Furthermore the Sapphire consumes very little cutting oil and has a saw motor of 9,5 kW, enabling the saw process with HSS and TCT saw blades.  

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