Tube cutting of profiles for storage systems

Bewo has recently developped a system for processing simultaneosuly 2 tubes with size 3" x 1,5” and 2 tubes of size 3” x 1” on a DCH machine. This is a common tube size for storage racks. This feature is now succesfully running at a customer, and designed in such a way that this can also be upgraded on most of our DCH76 machines in the field. 

The system comprises devices for handling this kind of tubes from the bunker to the feeding system of the DCH, enabling double cut. Furthermore the package contains special features to handle this product through the deburring machine. 

A set up time of 15 minutes is necessary to mount these features on the machine, when going from standard profiles to these profiles.

When you have interest in this feature please contact your Bewo sales contact or local sales partner.

Film of loading feature:


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