Strikingly increase in demand for Bewo’s automatic cutting lines

Strikingly increase in demand for Bewo’s automatic cutting lines

The last quarter there is a strikingly increase in demand for Bewo’s automatic cutting lines. Last months Bewo has won a lot of orders for complete automation cutting lines. Manager Sales & Service Marcel Veenstra explains: “For Bewo it’s clear; the market is picking up gently and our market-oriented focus is proving appropriate. We will be producing the sold cutting lines in the months to come. We will be placing the cutting lines at among others a specialised conveyor manufacturer and an independent cutting centre for automotive industry.” Bewo invents and realises automatic cutting lines for cutting, deburring, length checking, cleaning and stacking of tubes in all kinds of sizes and quantities. 

As Veenstra said Bewo sees a slight increase in demand on the market. Besides that Bewo has a further explanation. Bewo has been giving market-oriented focus to the market by giving new impulses. Take for example the recent expansion of the collaboration with their UK service partner; Justin Paddick of JHP Engineering Service. JHP and Bewo have been collaborating for decades. This collaboration has now been expanded. Where Paddick previously provided service to Bewo cutting lines, he now is a “Qualified Sales & Service Partner”. UK based companies who are interested in new Bewo cutting lines can now contact JHP. With the expanded collaboration Bewo and JHP cover the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and they provide specialised service engineers.

Bewo also experiences an increase in the sales of the manual operated Bewo CPO-315 saw. Obviously the market is showing some revival and customers confirm that the easy ordering in the new Bewo webshop is of beneficial support to them. Bewo started this webshop for the Bewo CPO-315 and its spare parts in January 2014, for dealers and end users in the Benelux countries.

Customers say that the introduction of the webshop makes the ordering process easier for them and gives them a helpful access to all relevant information.
Another contribution in the increase in demand was the international exhibition for the tube industry, the Tube & Wire, last April in Düsseldorf. Bewo was present as exhibitor and they received a lot of positive attention of visitors. 

Marcel Veenstra ends by saying: “Besides our market-oriented focus and the introduction of our webshop we have other intentions for bringing new impulses to the market. In the near future we will come back to you with more news”.

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