Remote installation of cutting machine

In the recent months Bewo has built a standalone cutting machine with a decicated loading and unloading system. this machine was for a customer in Finland that is active in the building industrie.

The machine should be able to handle starting lengths of 12 meters, and have four exit positions for a wide variety of products. The machine should have sufficient output for their total production, and also cope with peaks due to seasonal influences.

With the unloading principle, the products can be disposited in 4 places, this can be changed within the production cycle, without any manual adjustments.

The pre-acceptance of this machine in Waalwijk took place in week 29, according to schedule. The Bewo installation team would install it at the customer in week 34. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19. In consultation with the end customer, local partner and Bewo, it was then decided that our local partner would carry out the installation on the basis of video support from Bewo specialists. The training of the operators was also carried out via video conference.

Of course there were some challenges in this process, but we managed to get this machine operational with everyone involved. This allows the customer to use the machine immediately, after the travel restrictions have been lifted, Bewo will then arrange another visit as aftercare.

We certainly see potential here and will further professionalise this approach in order to apply it more widely in specific cases in the future.

With joined forces we managed the job, thanks to all persons involved.


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