projects succesfully supplied to customers

Bewo has successfully delivered two projects this month, that we would draw to your attention.

Tubes for hydraulic pipes:

We have produced a line for a Swedish customer who can process the tube ends of the products scratch-free, including cutting deburring, length measurement and wash. With tubes of 8 mm diameter, wall thickness 0.7 mm and length of 141 mm! For the experts among us it is known that the challenge here is mainly to get them individually and seperated out of the bunker. With special features and program adjustments we have managed to achieve this with a reliable process. Output of this specific product is 2600 pieces per hour.

Attached film of the process:

Kardan axles for trucks:

For a Turkish customer, we have developed a production line for the manufacture of semi-finished products for cardan axles for light trucks. These tubes up to 115 mm diameter are then connected to each other by means of friction welding, which means that high demands are required in terms of dimensions at the pipe ends which can only be achieved with chamfering.

Bewo has act as a turnkey partner and integrated the required processes into one machine concept: sawing, chamfering and marking with laser for traceability.

Attached film of the process:

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