Production of pipe fittings

About a year ago, Bewo was asked for an automised solution for the production of semi-finished pipe bends for the oil and gas industry.

Not a product where you would immediately think of Bewo for your process automation. However, after a thorough study of the current process and a clear picture of the customer’s wishes, we started the project from our advisory role in process automation. This finally led to the automation of a part of the process:

1.   Pipe cutting, deburring and cleaning:

From starting lengths up to 7 meters, the products are separated and cut from bundles via various steps in a range of diameters from 8 mm to 115 mm and lengths from 100 - 1,000 mm, deburred and air blown.

2.   Pre-treatment and interior provided with a graphite layer.

For the post-processing, bending of the tubes, it is important that the pipes are internally provided with graphite layer, for lubrication during the bending process. To achieve this, the tubes are preheated in a drying oven. After the preheating, the graphite is applied to  the inner side of the tube by means of a spraying lance. This process has also been completely automated by Bewo, taking into account the initial temperature of the tube, graphite volume and cooling time.

 This automatic process contributes to a reduction in graphite consumption, a reduction of contamination of the environment, a more consistent product quality and an increase in productivity. The complete process is now independent of the operators; the process monitoring is fully automated and the data can be read continuously. These vital process parameters can always be traced to the production badge.

For the smaller product dimensions, 1500 products can be produced per hour. The complete line changeover can be done within just 15 minutes!





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