Production line for sleeve profiles

Monday 16 September 2019

Last week Bewo delivered a project for a German customer who is producer of warehouse systems. We were again able to demonstrate our added value as system integrator for the customer. They were looking for an automatic production line of completely machined profiles, in various dimensions.

Some of the challenges were:
- Small difference in width and height of the profiles.
- No punching in the weld.
- Punching through the tube.
- Punch waste was not allowed to remain in the product.
- Packaging according to customer orders for assembly on location.
- Productivity in combination with flexibility.

This production line has fulfilled these wishes for the customer and starts from bundles of 8 meter profiles to final product. The production line includes the automatic processes of cutting, deburring, welding seam orientation, punching, printing and packaging. The line has a capacity of 900 products per hour and can be changed over to another product within 10 minutes.

The link hereunder to the movie gives a good impression of this production line:

This project has been realized in collaboration with a Dutch machine builder, making it a unique Dutch product.


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