Company profile

We are ready for an innovative future

We continue to invest in the further development of existing concepts and are always initiating new ones. As a one-stop supplier, we provide tailor-made solutions for each customer: we can supply your total cutting solution. We are able to incorporate various components and options according to each market requirement and to integrate cutting machines, deburring machines, length control systems, tube cleaning machines and stacking robots to entirely suit your production process.

For example, our team of experienced R&D engineers use the most advanced design systems available such as CAD/CAM, AutoCAD and SolidWorks. R&D is focussed on further developing of existing concepts and initiating new concepts.


Also we find our social responsibility important. We organise the production processes in environmentally friendly ways, use sustainable materials and we implement environmentally friendly technologies in developing our products. For instance we have developed applications in hydraulics, pneumatic systems and servo techniques which limit the consumption of energy and reduce the use of oil.

Besides that, Bewo Cuttting Systems B.V. is part of NIVORA Holding B.V. NIVORA Holding B.V. consists of several leading manufacturers of innovative metalworking machines that occupy a leading position in various market segments.