Bewo Cutting Systems B.V. - Waalwijk

Core values: our I-standards

When developing customer-specific cutting solutions we employ three core values. These are the I-standards:

Integral approach

The Bewo cutting lines have been developed to form the nucleus of an integrated cutting cell. The cutting lines are perfectly tuned to work in harmony with deburring machines, length control systems, tube-cleaning machines and stacking robots. We supplie and install combinations of these machines as a turnkey solution. Your requirements are the basis from which our engineers develop custom-made, integrated cutting cells. 

Improved performance

The aim of our integrated approach and innovative technology is the improvement of performance. With the complete Bewo cutting solutions you will be able to improve your cutting performance. For example; changing over a complete Sigma cutting line, including a cutting machine, a deburring machine, length control and a stacking robot takes only 12 minutes and just a few tools.


Innovative technology

The innovative technology behind Bewo machinery makes cutting more accurate, more reliable, safer, cleaner and more efficient. For instance, all Bewo machines cut upwards instead of downwards. The major benefits of cutting upwards are less noise, increased safety due to the enclosed blade and easy access to the clamping jaws. Cutting upwards also means fewer scratches on the material and a reduction in chip contamination. Another innovative feature is that all Bewo cutting machines have a servo drive to feed the saw, resulting in shorter cutting times and improved saw blade life, event with TCT blades.

In addition, innovative technology is behind how the saw blade is positioned in relation to the tubes. The position of the saw blade allows square and rectangular tubes to be cut diagonally. When cutting diagonally, the saw blade does not start cutting in the centre of the material. On the Bewo Sigma and Single machines, the saw blade is positioned segmentally, which minimises length tolerances due to uneven saw blade wear. A further innovation means that all Bewo machines have three or four discharge possibilities for different product lengths.