New Control platform first step towards Industry 4.0

Bewo has developed a new control platform based on Siemens hardware S7-1500 in a Profinet environment. We have chosen to decentralize as many field components as possible. This has led to less field cabling and central electrical cabinets, which reduces the chance of disturbances. Furthermore we replaced all relays by solid state modules that have a longer l... view item

Partner Bewo exhibitor on the AMB Stuutgart

Partner Bewo exhibitor on the AMB Stuutgart

This year, the AMB in Stuutgart exhibition for metal working, Germany, is from the 18th to 22nd of August, 2018. Bewo Cutting Systems BV, the worlds most experienced manufacturer of integrated, high performance, automatic cutting systems, designed to meet the many and varied requirements of the worlds tube industry, can be found on our partner stand in Hall ... view item

Machine delivery

This week Bewo has succesfully finished the first project for 2018. It concerns a complete cutting line with deburring, automatic length measurement, washing and destacking of tubes. What makes this machine special is the fact that this machine can handle starting lengths up to 18 METERS. Again a good example of a customized solution which is interesting for... view item

Agent for Korea

We have appointed the company Trawon as our new agent for Korea since the first of January 2018. Mr. Heon Han, the CEO of the company has good relationship with several of our existing customers. Therefore we are convinced that with the appointment of Trawon as our local representative in Korea it will help us to strenghten our relationship with the cus... view item

projects succesfully supplied to customers

Bewo has successfully delivered two projects this month, that we would draw to your attention. Tubes for hydraulic pipes: We have produced a line for a Swedish customer who can process the tube ends of the products scratch-free, including cutting deburring, length measurement and wash. With tubes of 8 mm diameter, wall thickness 0.7 mm and len... view item

Automatization around the cutting line

Last week we have succesfully supplied a cutting line for a Dutch bed manufacturing with an automatic barcode scanner fully integrated with the control system of the cutting line. With the start of a new batch, the belonging KanBan card will be scanned, and automatically the suitable program with all cutting parameters will be loaded into the controls of the... view item