Automatization around the cutting line

Last week we have succesfully supplied a cutting line for a Dutch bed manufacturing with an automatic barcode scanner fully integrated with the control system of the cutting line. With the start of a new batch, the belonging KanBan card will be scanned, and automatically the suitable program with all cutting parameters will be loaded into the controls of the machine. In this way we avoid failures in machine settings ... view item

Open House Bewo

On the 16th of August our distributor in the US Kent Corporation will organise an "open House". During this event they will demonstrate our Sapphire machine with deburring. which is our most common machine sold in the US. For more information about this event we refer to the website of Kent corporation: view item

Tube cutting of profiles for storage systems

Bewo has recently developped a system for processing simultaneosuly 2 tubes with size 3" x 1,5” and 2 tubes of size 3” x 1” on a DCH machine. This is a common tube size for storage racks. This feature is now succesfully running at a customer, and designed in such a way that this can also be upgraded on most of ... view item